Saturday, November 3, 2018

President Oversees Extraordinary Session of Technical Committee on Migration in Africa

On Friday, November 2, at the International Palace of Conferences in Sipopo, the Head of State, His Excellency Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, oversaw the opening ceremony of the extraordinary session of the technical committee on migration, refugees and displaced persons in Africa.

“The African continent is suffering permanent instability, following the abusive exploitation of its natural resources by colonial powers. Its countries were abandoned to their fate, lacking solid economic structures, and with non-existent technology for development, which is why all African countries are fighting against underdevelopment. Further, they currently still suffer from permanent dependency and extortion from developed countries for the exploitation of their natural resources.” President Obiang stated.

“This general reason for all Africans has created the current crisis of instability in their societies, the massive flight of their citizens to other latitudes and beyond the African continent. We believe that the current mass emigration of Africans to Europe is precisely due to the crisis of underdevelopment, that causes a great depression for Africans in their own countries, so that this emigration cannot be stopped while the situation of underdevelopment remains in Africa.” the President noted.

“It is worth mentioning the historic debt that Europe has to the African continent. Europe could adopt all the mechanisms to fight the already uncontrolled immigration, but the only solution is that it must make amends for the damage that was caused, in such a way that it must adopt a type of  an economic Marshall Plan for Africa, in order to accompany its states towards economic emergence”, President Obiang said during the extraordinary session of the committee.